Live your life with
less stress
and more joy!
Brilliant Mindful YOU
mindfulness for beginners

six weeks to put YOU back in control of your life!

Do you feel...

stressed out and overwhelmed?

Do you wish you felt...
more in control of your emotions … and your life? 
modern life is stressful
We're  crazybusy.

We run through our days on autopilot, yanked around by our habitual (over)reactions.

We're distracted and forgetful.

We snap at people when we don't mean to.

Our heads are filled with thoughts of all the "to-do"s on our list.

We're anxious for much of the day, and we don't know how to calm down.

At the end of the day, we feel defeated and depleted.

We want to present for our one "wild and crazy life," and maybe we tell ourselves we'll do better tomorrow, we'll take some deep breaths...

and then tomorrow it's just more of the same!
What's a modern, stressed-out human to do?
When we practice MINDFULNESS, we learn the absolutely-important-for-human-functioning skills of
being present, calming down,  and
managing our emotions.
You can discover how to do all of that (and more!) in...

Brilliant Mindful YOU
my six-week mindfulness course for beginners
and just who am I???
Sarah Rudell Beach
Mindfulness Instructor
Executive Director of Brilliant Mindfulness, LLC
Creator of the popular website Left Brain Buddha

Mindfulness is life-changing.
Let me show you how.
Before I started practicing mindfulness...
... I figured it "wasn't for me."

I had two little kids, a very demanding job, a house to clean, dinner to make . . .
and I had to go to Target.

I wasn't looking for my heart center or a path to nirvana.

I wanted something that would help me manage my stress.
I wanted practical instructions.
I wanted to learn how to use this ancient practice in my very modern life.

So I read a lot of books (a lot!) and I gave it a try.

And you know what happened?

My life started to change!
Not all at once, of course, but slowly, surely... I could see it.

I laughed more.

I smiled more.

 I discovered a new way to relate to all the thoughts in my head and all the chaos in my days.

I found a stillness and ease at the core of my crazybusy life.
Mindfulness is our ability to attend to the present moment, with curiosity and without judgment. It is a powerful tool that transforms how you relate to your own life and how you engage with the world. When we practice mindfulness, we cultivate greater calm, balance, and ease.
And mindfulness is really, really good for you!
a growing body of research continues to reveal the amazing benefits of mindfulness and meditation, including
increased empathy and compassion
decreased emotional reactivity
increased levels of happiness, optimism, and well-being
better sleep, improved immune functioning, and less chronic pain
decreased depression and anxiety
increased focus and concentration
Mindfulness helps me be more patient and tolerant, and fills me with joy and wonder!
Brilliant Mindful YOU participant
Happiness, joy, wonder, and focus. It’s amazing what mindfulness brings you!
Brilliant Mindful YOU participant
Over 3​000 people have already learned mindfulness with me.
Is it your turn?

Learn more in the video below:
How the Course Works
You will gain INSTANT access to the first week of the course as soon as you register.

All of the course content will be available online on our e-course website. Each subsequent week, for six weeks, you will have access to a new module of lessons -- you work through the weekly content at your own pace!

The lessons consist of written content, instructional videos, guided audio meditations, or “funsheets” and journal prompts.

And you have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course -- so there's no falling behind!
Course Outline
Module One: Less Stress
Week One: Introduction to Mindfulness
* discover the most common misconceptions about mindfulness, and learn what mindfulness IS, with no-nonsense guidance, so there's no confusion!

* learn how to find the time for meditation (even in your busy life!), so you can savor gorgeous moments of peace and quiet every day!

* practice powerful strategies for dealing with your thoughts, so they don't get the best of you

* get detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to meditate and how to be more present and attentive in your daily life
"The simplicity of the instruction and the lessons about what meditation looks like and doesn't are helpful and necessary encouragement -- this is brilliant!"

2015 Brilliant Mindful YOU participant
Week Two:
Mindfulness of Emotions

* learn what an emotion actually is (you'd be surprised how little most of us know about emotions!)

* discover your three emotional systems, and learn how to spend more time in the "soothing and calming" one! 

* discover powerful practices that will help you respond to challenging situations, instead of simply reacting

- learn research-based strategies for cultivating positive emotional states so you can take charge of your own happiness!
Week Three: Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety

* discover your internal and external resources for managing stress (you have more of them than you think!)

* learn the mindsets and mindtraps that keep you stuck in stress, and discover how to free yourself from them!

* discover why the key to managing stress is transforming your relationship to stress -- and learn how to do it!

* explore research-based practices that support happiness and well-being (did you know there's a formula for happiness?)
Module Two: More Joy
Week Four:
Mindfulness of the Body

* explore the latest research on the mind-body-brain connection, and learn how your emotions -- and your entire life -- are embodied

* practice the soothing body scan to bring ease and comfort to the body

* learn how to work with discomfort and chronic pain and feel at home in your body

* explore how to read the physical signals of your body to develop greater emotional awareness ... and greater control over your emotional life
Week Five: Lovingkindness and Compassion
* discover why mindfulness needs heartfulness, and why that's not just a bunch of hippie woo-woo

* learn powerful practices for forgiving yourself and others, so you can free yourself from resentment and anger

* explore mindful practices for connecting with others, and communicating more effectively and compassionately

* cultivate self-compassion, and compassion for others, so you can change the world. Seriously.
"This course has really helped me to calm myself when my son loses control. Things seem much more manageable now.”

2015 Brilliant Mindful YOU participant
Week Six: Everyday Mindfulness
* learn how to take your practice off your cushion and into the rest of your life

 * develop a mindfulness and self-care plan to help you cultivate joy and ease in your days

And we'll celebrate Brilliant Mindful YOU!
"I learned more in the first four days than in all my years of 'trying' to meditate on my own!"

2015 Brilliant Mindful YOU participant
Each Week Includes:
powerful lessons
detailed guidance for starting your personal mindfulness practice
guided meditations
two guided meditations each week (12 in all): over three hours of audio!
instructional videos
including "How to Sit," "What is Mindfulness," "Mindful Walking," and more
Wouldn't it be wonderful to...

: : be able to focus on WHAT you want WHEN you want?
: : access inner calm when you need it?
: : take control of anxiety, instead of letting it control you?
: : stop sweating the small stuff?
: : possess skills for dealing with the big stuff?
: : have greater compassion for yourself and others?
“Sarah fills this rich course with humor, compassion, and wisdom. This course is a brilliant mix of research, inspiration, practical tips, and hands-on tools. Sarah introduces mindfulness to students with enthusiasm and insight. She makes it realistic to begin or deepen a meditation practice, and she inspires participants to awaken to the real value of mindfulness in our daily lives.”

- Stephanie Sprenger, 2015 course participant, editor of The HerStories Project and writer at Mommy, For Real
Brilliant Mindful YOU
If you were to take a mindfulness course in your community, taught by a certified instructor, you could pay as much as $500.
Brilliant Mindful YOU is
just $118!
 It's the detailed guidance and instruction you've been looking for.
It's the path to living your life with greater calm, balance, and ease!

And right now, you can purchase Brilliant Mindful YOU and "But I Don't Have TIME to be Mindful!" in a super-mindful bundle for just $89!!
Get BOTH courses now for just $89
(a $145 value!)
Brilliant Mindful YOU
Get the special BUNDLE OFFER for just $89!
Plus get these bonuses:
When you register, you'll get instant access to the following bonus content to help you begin your mindful journey:
The Attitudinal Foundations of Mindfulness Practice
A four-page pdf outlining the seven foundations of mindfulness practice (as identified by Jon Kabat-Zinn).
Journaling Prompts
A four-page download with journaling prompts to help you identify your current stressors, and reflect on your intentions for the course.
Online Stress Assessment
Measure your current levels of stress and see how your stress levels compare to those of other adults. 
And you won't do it alone!
I am available for email support as you proceed through the course -- email me your questions about the lessons, your practice, and anything mindfulness-related!
Give yourself the gift of mindful living
Think of this course as a gift to yourself. 

How often do we take time in our days  to stop, to breathe, to reflect, to rest?
  When you register for Brilliant Mindful YOU, you are making a commitment to yourself to take time during your day that is just for YOU

The stillness you will cultivate in mindfulness practice, and the strategies that you will learn for dealing with your thoughts and emotions, will allow you to show up for all the important people in your life (including yourself) with compassion and kindness. 

That is a gift to you, and to everyone else.
Yes, I'm ready to live with less stress!
"Most importantly, Sarah is real."

“Sarah is one of my favorite sources for knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and fresh ideas for how to practice mindfulness. Her style is relatable, engaging, effective, and lots of fun, and she knows what she’s talking about!”

Carla Naumburg, Ph.D., LICSW, author of Parenting in the Present Moment Ready, Set, Breathe, and PsychCentral’s Mindful Parenting blog 
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